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Andrey Dzenisevich, the UCP member and YCSU “Young Democrats” leader was arrested and examined by the KGB on the 28th of March.

The captain of KGB Dmitry Svistun together with another officer in civil arrested Andrey Denisevich at his home and escorted him in handcuffs to the Minsk city office of KGB. Andrey was examined there in the framework of the initiated criminal case against youth activists of the not registered organization “Young Front”.

Four young people are under the investigation according mentioned criminal case now – Borys Garecki, Aleg Korban, Anastasya Palejanka, Dmitry Fedoruk.

In the case of the trial all of them will receive the “standard” verdict – according the article 193 of the Criminal Code of Republic of Belarus “activity in name of not registered organization” – that means conviction on two years of deprivation of freedom.

Andrey Dzenisevich was captured and examined as the witness yet. But he is sure that it is only the beginning – usually the “witness” is easely transformed to the “accused”.

Andrey Dzenisevich thinks that his forced arrest is one of the step of the general strategy of the Belarussian authorities targeted against the most active and potentially dangerous members of the youth movement.

In his case he thinks that it is the response from the side of KGB for his not desire to collaborate with them. Taking in attention all the mentioned the Youth Christian-Social Union “Young Democrats” aks everybody to :

• be not different to the destiny of Andrey Denisevich and other youth leaders that are persecuted by the Belarusian authorities;

• put the question to stop repression against the Belarussian opposition members before the Government of Belarus;

• strengthen the support of the political youth organizations of Belarus.

On behalf of YCSU “Young Democrats”
Uladzimir Charvonenka
Vice Chairman of United Civil Party