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By: Tania Maceda Guerra

December 6, 2006
Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Prisoner of conscience, Normando Hernández González, was hospitalized with urgency after suffering several fainting spells. Some common prisoners picked him up and called different human rights organizations within Cuba.

On December 5, 2006, Juan Carlos González Leiva spoke on the telephone with Yaraí Reyes Marín, who informed him that her husband, Normando Hernández González, was not well at all and that the doctor of the Ministry of the Interior had said that Normando would be moved shortly thereafter to the provincial hospital of Camagüey where he would be kept on a vitamin intravenous drip and administered Captopril three times daily.

The activist expressed that military officials at the Kilo 5 ½ Prison in Pinar del Río premeditatedly infected Hernández with tuberculosis bacteria and caused him to develop Gastrointestinal Mal Absorption Syndrome. Hernández is a small, slender man who has lost around 35 pounds.

González Leiva added that this is not only his opinion. Hernández González and a large group of prisoners in the facility where he is incarcerated are accusing State Security of committing a “slow assassination.”

The source concluded, stating that Normando, 37, is running a low-grade fever every afternoon. Currently he is serving a 25 year prison sentence in Kilo 7 in Camagüey.